I don't care how big it is, don't call me an elephant!

The Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga both list three types of male sex organs according their dimensions. (what type of man owns that?)

The Hare: does not exceed six finger-breadths (about 5 inches) when fully erected. Usually the man with such a member is short but well proportioned and a quiet disposition. Semen is sweetish.

The Bull: does not exceed nine finger breadths (about seven inches) when fully erected. The man with such an organ is usually robust, with a high forehead, large eyes and a restless temperament. He is ever ready to make love and is know as being of middle dimension.

The Horse: is about twelve finger breadths (about ten inches) when erected. The owner of such an implement is usually tall, large framed and has a deep voice. His nature is gluttonous, covetous, passionate, reckless and lazy. He walks slowly and cares little of love making. Semen is rather salty.

The Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga both list three types of female sex organs according their dimensions. (what type of woman owns that?)

The Deer: does not exceed sex finger breadths ( about five inches in depth) A woman with such a place has a soft girlish body, well proportioned with good breasts and solid hips. She eats moderately and is addicted to the pleasures of love making. Her mind is active and her love juice has the pleasant perfume of the lotus flower. She is of small dimensions.

The Mare: Her Yoni (vagina) does not exceed nine finger breadths ( about seven inches) in depth. This woman's body is delicate, her breasts and hips are broad and her umbilical region is raised. She has well proportioned hands and feet, long neck and a retreating forehead. Throat, eyes and mouth are broad. She is affectionate and graceful and likes good living and lots of rest. She does not come easily to her climax and her love juice is perfumed like the lotus. She is middle dimensions.

The Elephant: This Yoni is about twelve finger breadths (about ten inches) in depth. This woman usually has large breasts, a broad face and fairly short limbs. She is gluttonous and eats noisily; her voice is hard and harsh. Such a woman is never easily satisfied, but her love juice is very abundant and smells rather like the secretions from elephants in rut. She is large dimensions.

Sexual Secrets: Twentieth Anniversary Edition: The Alchemy of Ecstasy
This is brought to you from the lovely book "sexual secrets" many ancient beliefs.....

It is believed you should be paired with a someone that matches your organ to have the best sex...


  1. Well, if she has enough money it doesn't matter which she is. I can fake it as well as a woman. Take my wife, she told me to give her 12" and make it hurt. So I screwed her twice and hit her in the head with a shoe.

  2. I have a Wurlitzer Organ and let's say you have a Hammond...do we like match? I ask in a deep husky voice....

  3. This makes me a Deer, but yeah, what the hell is that elephant crap?

    Only a woman who doesn't own a shower should smell like an elephant.

  4. ok, so you're an experienced deer, dear... happy ;)


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