You are all getting socks for Christmas

The lists are coming in, kids are 'preparing me for gift buying'. It is not a wish list anymore, now that they are in their teens, the cute little 'I will ask Santa for...' turns into text messages, phone calls and notes left on the table.
They want things they already have except the newer version, the upgrade, the 'best' of the same damn thing they have but with a new feature.
I thought I did pretty good 'letting them have' phones for emergency use. I thought I was hip to 'let them have' quiet devices for long road trips. But no.....
They need and want more, better, smaller but cooler gadgets that will turn into 'old news' and 'mother you are so lame for even suggesting that this is still an acceptable product for such a cool kid - like myself- to still own'
Screw all get really cool socks for Christmas


  1. Awe that's great. Here's me pulling my socks up after working my socks off while laughing my socks off.
    Bless my little cotton socks...

  2. Those are the exact same socks I wear when I go grocery shopping. And that's all I wear.


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