Who put the Bah Hum Bug in my gitch?

I have not started my holiday shopping, yes you heard right. Not a single gift bought for anyone on the list that I have not even made yet.


But on a better note I did put up some lights and a few decorations I found in a box under the stairs. I am guessing we own them, don't think I like them.
 Spent a week in bed with major snot attack, the flu put me in my place.

It is December right? I mean there are things that I have to do to keep me in the good graces of family and friends.

Happy holidays....closing eyes and wishing I was somewhere far away....

Are you ready for the holidays? How often do we actually hear this?


  1. Aha, so this explains why I have not received my gift from you:-)
    Am I ready for the holidays? Oh yeah! 'Boxing Day Eve'! Bring it on....

  2. I've got everyone done but my "We don't need anything" parents. They're getting gifts like it or not. I just need to get out and get them.

  3. I have come to hate this time of year. The only redeeming fact is my grandkids make it worth it. They are here tonight putting up the tree. Bless'em!

  4. Definite difference between the sexes, it's two weeks before I even start shopping for Christmas

  5. I haven't purchased a thing either so you're not alone.
    Mind you we bought ourselves 2 weeks in Bahamas so we're only buying a few things this year for the kidlet.

    It should become a yearly tradition I think.


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