You're 40! It could be worse you could own 40 cats!

Once diving over the threshold of turning 40, there comes the stigma of being 'over the hill'. You stay over the hill when you turn 50 and even 60. So when does it become down hill?
I have put it together in my mind that 40 is the start of a steeper climb, and that climb will continue up hill. I have also decided that the hill will keep going up and there really is no other side to the hill.
This train of thought has put me into an awesome situation. I will continue to climb up the hill until I reach the top where I do believe I will be darn tired, so I will lay down and rest for eternity. This gives me the advantage of never being 'over the hill' or even being able to go 'down hill'.
This brilliant plan of mine is now set in stone and honestly came about with the thoughts I had when I turned 40 of "What the hell now!!!!!" A forty year old woman. married with children, still not sure what to do when she grew up, and fearing the dreaded aging process.

 "Holy cow" and I feel like one.
Gathering my adult mature state of mind (in which I have become accustomed to faking) I have implanted the spiritual thought of an uphill journey for the rest of my life. I will deal with the wrinkles, the sagging parts that we ignore and put all of it into the climb, right up that hill. What will wrinkles and aging really mean if you will never be 'over the hill'?

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