What the 'other' women want in a man!

10 traits Attractive women look for in a man; this is the latest 'news' worthy article on 'Askmen'.

From talking with many 'attractive' women this is what they come up with. My question being, is 'attractive' universal? Is 'attractive' modified to get to a state of 'attractiveness'? Who determines if the women were not 'attractive' enough to count their votes?

No.10 Intelligence - apparently these 'attractive' women are not very intelligent themselves if they actually think a man is intelligent especially if there are boobs involved.

No. 9 Challenge - make her think you don't think she is attractive and she will chase you. Excuse me but the bitch knows she is beautiful, she paid good money at the body shop.

No. 8 Attentiveness - She wants someone to pay attention to her. Duh! Put some clothes on bitch

No 7 Generosity - Give her stuff and then more attention

No. 6 Sexual Mastery - He has to know what he is doing in the bedroom. Only wear your socks to bed with the unattractive chicks?

No 5 Romance - Yup, give her more stuff and with candles.

No. 4 Dominance - She has been bossing people around all day, she does not want to do it at home.

No. 3 Class - Sorry guys hold in those farts til you leave the room.

No. 2 Sense of humor - make sure you are reading and leaving comments at 'Sex'n'Fries.

No.1 Sense of fun - Do whatever she wants to do.

This list (above)  is my version of the 10 things 'Attractive' women look for in a man found at http://www.askmen.com/

Now the question of what the women who would not be considered in this group 'attractive' women, look for in a man. Are these normal chicks that have real parts? Not models? or are we talking about the toothless junkies...where is the line here?

No.10 Understanding - pretending to get what she says or that he is actually listening, to nod when she needs someone to be there for her.

No. 9 Pay for the beer - not all the time, but most of the time. Let her sit at the table while he gets the beer and does not flirt with the waitress on the way.

No. 8 Remember her birthday - Takes the time to write it down and set an alarm reminder. Grabs something nice to give her on that day.

No. 7 Use her name - When introducing her or speaking of her, to use her name and not 'lil woman, wifey, my broad etc.

No. 6 Know foreplay- Have no doubt that foreplay is important and does not include groping and rubbing against her while she is doing the dishes.

No 5 Know when to shut up - If you have had a few, or she is upset and had a bad day, sometimes it is better not to speak.

No. 4 Share - Except the fact that if you dragged her to a tractor pull that you will owe her a trip to the mall.

No. 3 Courtesy - If she can burp louder than you. acknowledge she is better than you and don't call "fart contest'

No. 2 Sense of humor - make sure you are reading and leaving comments at 'Sex'n'Fries.

No.1 Best friend with benefits - Do whatever she wants to do and whenever she wants, you are sure to get laid.

Sex'n'Fries list of the 10 things women look for in a man (the woman that were not counted in the 'attractive' list)

And then there is this....


  1. both lists sound good.... hehehe

  2. If she can suck a golf ball through a 50' water hose, I'll buy her the world.

  3. When she goes in the kitchen and makes me a sandwich and brings me my beer, I always thank my woman with a courteous nod and a delightfully pungent fart to show my appreciation. If I weren't taken, I'd be a catch!

  4. I like both lists.

    But the second seems more realistic to me.

    New follower here.

  5. I have no idea if you feel that blog awards are silly or not, but you still got one over at my place!

    Oh, and the "know when to shut up" is a good one.


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