Excuse me, could you get that out of my way- it is huge!

Had some odd thoughts come to mind (where else would they come) I started to think about men-guys-dudes-boys- males- those other gender people.

Do guys (most or all) know how long their dick is? Have they measured it? Do they estimate how long it is or do they actually use a ruler? If they use a ruler do they measure it from top of base to tip or bottom to tip? Do they know when it is at the maximum hardness, I mean they know when they are hard but do they know the max hardness, like it cannot get any harder from there....????

Not sure if any woman has measured her vagina or even how you would go about that. Inside- outside..upside down???

Does size matter? Small dick- large vagina..how does that conversation go? As the random thoughts of useless questions fill my mind, I do appreciate the wasted space it brings to my day, I was getting a bit stressed.

Happy Monday! Smile lots...nothing better than that.


  1. We men are dumb. We think the bigger the better, and that gets ingrained into us by peers, starting around age 12.

    It makes us insecure in locker rooms, or even in urinals that don't have the little divider-walls.

    When in fact, it doesn't matter as much as we think.

    Yes, I've measured. Often, from about age 13 to about 22, when I finally stopped obsessing about it.

    I'm about 6.5 inches, and I'm by all accounts the 'smallest' my girl has had. Yet, somehow, I'm the best she's ever had. By far.

    Is bigger better? Maybe to some. A lot to young dudes with ego issues. But quality is better than quantity. Think a 16oz steak from Vons vs an 8oz filet from your favorite steakhouse...

  2. I guess I am average, but to be honest after I go down on her and give her many multiple orgasms, it does not matter how big I am.

  3. Every man knows exactly what size they are. It's a direct correlation to their ego...that being said, it does not mean they have an ounce of skillage in the bedroom. I've had huge men that had nothing more than size to boast. I have to admit, I need a little bit of size to get the job done properly, but average is perfect if they've got swagger and skill.

  4. ok, did you know that our body parts are as the same equal size as to our other body parts? (<---did you understand that?)

    for example... our arms length is equivalent to our height. Yeah go ahead and stretch your arms, it is equivalent to your height. Did you also know that the size of your foot is equivalent to your hmmmm... the part of the lower arm just above your wrists? (what the hell is that part called anyway?)

    Here's the FUN PART. (Although I'm not really sure if it's true, I haven't measured) Did you KNOW, that your lips, the thickness and length and widths is the same... down there?... (i'm not sure, let me know... :P) And the length of a guy's penis (when it's hard) is equivalent to the top of a guy's forehead to the tip of his nose?

    I'm not sure you'll be able to look at people's faces the same way. O_O You're welcome.

  5. and oh, did you know that there is also a condom out there that has a ruler? Both in inches and cm. You're free to let your guys try that out. :P

  6. Short and stout. Like three tuna cans stacked one on top of the other.

    I know because I used the tuna cans to measure it.

  7. each male response made me laugh...
    "and give her many multiple orgasm" (someone please explain to him what an orgasm is - its not how many times she moans)


    I will never look at a can of tuna the same way again...

    I don't think its possible to be the best and the smallest at 6.5, but hey... just one woman's opinion. I do know its possible to be too big.

    and speaking of COCKS... my latest post has a shot of 3 guys showing off their cocks. 3 cocks, 3 different sizes, all 3 men feeling very proud.


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