How about Fat Pancakes!

Being Canadian and now living in the states, I do get the odd look when I go in search of pancakes on this 'Fat Tuesday' We grew up knowing this day as "Pancake Tuesday' also called Shrove Tueday.

Shroving is a ancient British custom in which children sang or recited poetry in exchange for food or money.

A popular shroving rhyme went like this:

Knock, knock, the pan's hot
And we are coming a-shroving
For a piece of pancake
Or a piece of bacon
Or a piece of truckle* cheese
Of your own making.

I may not be singing for my pancakes....but yummy.

Not sure how pancakes, religion and Mardi Gras celebrations with boobie flashes all relate together, but to each their own.


  1. My kids had pancakes at school today for Fat Pancake Tuesday.

  2. Being born and raised in the states I saw "Pancake Tuesday" and instantly thought of flattened old-lady boobs.

    Show me your pancakes! Wait! No! Put them back!!

    Thanks for the sharing of cultures. I'm gonna have me some flapjacks for dinner tonight, to celebrate.

  3. Boobie flashes goes with everything!

  4. god damn...why did i not know about thi pancake business...


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