It could be a happy ending

Thought we would go all out and try this again, this time not have all the links mush together like a blogger orgy.

This guy is brilliant. Insane. Hilarious and stands around in and masturbates to just out of the camera's eye.  I pass my camera to a stranger - ask her to shoot the Monkey as best as she can. Check on it one or twice and not worry about it again until the timer goes off. This was surprisingly difficult, I almost feel a sickness in my gut just thinking about it.  It has a harder suck-tion then I could ever dream of having.
Because of that one time he cured that one stripper of scurvy, and we performed an intricate three-way that ended with a solution ....I need to stop doing stupid things under the influence.

Blog Klepto: We take lines from blogs and put them together to form a story, usually it makes no sense at all. All lines are exactly how they wrote them so the spelling is on them, I will add the odd word to help the flow at bit. I thank them for letting me violate them,well actually they have no clue. I do leave a little note on their post but most of the time they just think we are crazy.


  1. Compared to the amount of crap I read in blogland, including my own, once again, your mixed up story leaves me in a state of heightened erotic frenzy and this incredible urge to fill my house up with a truck load of bananas....

  2. I love it when three-ways end with a solution!

  3. Neat! Now try making a ransom note.


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