Shout out for the real sexy fries

I have been away from the computer quite a bit, always finding better things to do. Well sometimes they are better....
Now checking my stats  and here is what I found.

Awesome delicious referral links...yes the crazy people who are daring enough to put our link on their sites: --At your cervix- This expressive blog is one filled with honesty and humor. One of our top referrer sites. We thank you with a heap of fries...enjoy. --Naked girl in a dress - love it, just loooooove this blog, no clue where our link is or how people are finding us this way, but it worth a visit to this blog, and if you find us let us know. --Midget Man of steel- one of my favorite blogs, funny as hell. if you find hell funny I suppose. We had to beg to be added to this list, but we are totally thrilled we are there. --My Comfy Escape--I do admit this is the first time I have seen this site, but holy crap there we are. After looking through this blog, I am so glad we are being referred through them. Awesome job --Missus Singapore--now here is a sexy blog, and full of sex topics. I real treat for when you want to go to the naughty zone.... --Coffeypot--if you haven't been there, just go, it will be a treat to read this blog. Thanks for sending people our way.

Now for the search words on our stats page:


porn tube formicophilia insert insect in pussy


zoo sexn free tv 

Yeah we pretty much say WTF too.....

Since I have been a little lax on the blog updates, but will get back into soon btw, out traffic has been lower than usual, but we thank those who keep sending us visitors because everything leads to Sex and fries.


  1. I'll be helping bump your traffic a lil bit. I'm new to SnF and am combing my way through all of your older posts. I love this place!

  2. "Insert insect in pussy?" HAHAHAH That's pretty classy I would say.

    WTF is wrong with people!?! lol

  3. I wonder what kind of insect it is in the pussy that they are looking for.

  4. Wow! Thank you! That was a pleasant surprise. It still baffles me that, after four years, anyone even comes by my place, much less recommends it. No! Wait! Do I owe you money or something? That’s it, right? You're being nice because I owe you. Okay! How much?


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