So what if Cookie Monster smoked a pipe!

My father smoked a pipe...that was the least of my problems....

Sesame street came out when I was two....
In the very first episode, Gordon takes a little girl's hand who he's just met on the street, befriends her and takes her into his home to give her ice cream," Rollins Westin said. "That's something we wouldn't do on the show today."

What parent today would want their child to see kids running through a construction site or jumping on an old box spring? Scenes like the ones included on the new DVD would probably not make it into today's program now.

"We wouldn't have children on the set riding without a bicycle helmet," Rollins Westin says.

But what are our children watching today? Have they really cleaned up what children are exposed to? They may have put some safety into it, but children are watching more than a muppet practicing safety.

Is there nothing wrong with this???.....

Bikini Bottom gets a taste of dinner theater at the Krusty Krab; the gang travels to Texas


  1. Sponge Bob is not played in this house. The grandkids loved him. Sorry, kiddies! His voice and his laugh grates on my nerves.

  2. Sponge Bob is really an adult cartoon. Most if not all of the jokes are meant for adults. But I guess the same was true for the toons I watched as a kid.

  3. I'm going to Canadian Tire this weekend to find a SpongeBob Chia Pet.

    I'm sick of the sugar coating dribble that some kids shows are. The Muppet Show definitely had adult humour but it didn't do psychological damage.

    It's all that rap musack that the kids are listening to these days....

  4. Kids won't understand most of the jokes in spongebob. All they want to see is spongebob laughing and split into halves.

  5. I agree with you. They wouldn't show a kid going with (especially by the hand) someone to their home for ice cream. The producers would freak out at the idea because it would suggest, in today's society, that the kid was being lured for some diabolical reason.


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