When I sober up it blew me across the street..huh?

It has been a while since we stole things, it is actually hard work, but really fun...so here is the lastest blogklepto for you. It is where we visit blogs and then steal a line, putting them together to form a blog post that ...really makes no sense. Each line is linked to the contributing blog in case you get curious.

Victoria had just gotten home from errands and sought the refuge of her favorite place  Off to the loading docks we go!  Nope. Sorry. Thought I heard it buzzing.  I have used it multiple times since there in a variety of ways, for a variety of people. I'll post pictures later when I sober upif she refuses to discuss how many lovers she has had, it really means that she's either had so many she can't remember, or she sucks at Math I have to lift about a thousand pounds before I can even talk about it.  my quiches are not some pansy ass custard  so happy to have been introduced to a place that serves them. Blew me across the street and I landed in my neighbors hot tub where him and his 63 year old wife were NOT wearing clothes. Gross   I have no idea why they don’t mind hanging around with me

It is OK if it doesn't make sense to you, if it does..I am sorry


  1. Clever! Albeit slightly confusing. *grin*

    But I must say I was disappointed at what you "stole" from me.

    I was all excited to read Tiger Blood FAIL.

    Oh well, maybe next time. And thanks for linky love!

    hee hee hee

    *big cheesy grin*

  2. Glad it was confusing, I worry when it makes sense to people.

  3. That's cool.

    I think that's how Dylan wrote his book Tarantula back in the day. Or so I had heard in an English class 15 years ago.

    I once tried to write a song by doing this with lines cut from a magazine. It was called Wood Outer Shells and it didn't make any sense.

  4. You're a clever gal (gal?) and if you're ever in Minneapolis, I'm buying you a margarita.


  5. Ohh NOW I get stealing! But my line was linked to someone else! I'm not pajama's and coffee. that's saturday mornings for me, although pajamas are stained boxers.

  6. the freaky and very irritating thing is that the links mesh together after a bit, on their own. I guess I need more spaces between lines and links..that is my story and I am sticking to it

  7. Oh, good stuff!!

    "my quiches are not some pansy ass custard"

    "Blew me across the street and I landed in my neighbors hot tub where him and his 63 year old wife were NOT wearing clothes. Gross"

    These are gold.

  8. Perhaps and this worries me, I found this posting to make complete and deeply profound sense to the point I shall cry with tears of joyous rapture and then crap my pants....

  9. Hilarious! and a good idea :)

    Thanks for the link! I was hoping to read a stolen line about poop but perhaps that wouldn't fit in!


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