You eat it, I am outta here!

 How many 'day one' of the -diet/fitness/lose this gut/feel the burn- plan have I had????

When starting the weight loss plan, it usually starts with a couple of days of pouting, denial and utter disgust of any image of my body. Then a dose of magazine articles about how to lose it with crazy meals and exercise moves. We now move to eating the first meal of the plan and hope to hell I can make it lunch without killing anything.

Day one: 'whatever' it is wing night down at the local tavern.........


  1. Good Luck!

    I've started my battle of the excess flabbity flab too.

  2. I got KFC and pumpkin pie on my day one... back in October...

    Alright, the real day one... starting... NOW.

  3. Every day is day 1 for the rest of your life.

    When my girl wanted to lose a lil weight, she climbed on top of me and did all the work during sex. She lost 5lbs in 2 weeks, with no extra dieting. Orgasms are the way! The truth! The light!


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