You want to what on my what when??

What really happens behind closed doors or in the dark corners of a park for some, really is a private matter.

What happens if the sexual desires of your partner are off the charts "No way in hell am I doing that' for you?

Trusting someone you are involved with, with your sexual fantasies and secret desires takes balls in the first place, but what if they think you are insane? If they don't 'get it' then they totally don't get you. When you have invested your heart and time into a relationship is there a compromise that can be made or are you destined to forget about your kinky ways?

I could not imagine finding out that my husband was arrested for spanking his monkey with other guys under a bridge in a park.

That is what happened, in a southern town near where I grew up. They met once a month during their lunch hour. Professional men with high paying jobs, formed a group of well dressed circle jerkers in the middle of the day. I guess the spring sun was a nice touch.....wait a minute and a whole lot of ewwwwww! Not that I am judging or anything.

After a sting operation to bring this sperm party to a halt, the fuzz moved in to charge their naked asses. Then they find themselves, full names and all in the newspaper. Yes, they had to go back to work, if they still had employment and face their colleagues. That would be the easy part, facing the family would be a whole other story.


  1. That cracked me up.

    Don't the cops have real criminals to catch? Like drug dealers, murderers, rapists, child molesters, illegal immigrants, politicians, people who cut the tags off of their mattresses.

  2. Agreed Oiltrash.

    They're all consenting adults and were doing it under a bridge.....where children and most people do not hang out.

    Who the fuck cares if they want to do a consensual circle jerk. Mind you there's some odd laws in certain states. Ie: Sex Toys being illegal. What a backwards, oppressing law.

  3. A man gotta do what a man gotta do.

    Maybe hubs should invite everyone over to the house for privacey...and you get an eye fest, too.

  4. Ok, two questions:

    1 - Was this before or during your relationship with him?

    2 - Were they jerking to something? Or just to each other?

    Weird, just weird. I don't know if I could even have a threesome tag-teaming a girl with another dude... I'm secure in myself, mostly, but um... if he's more interested in ME than the girl, there's a problem.

  5. I like to imagine the SWAT team closing in on them with tear gas.


  6. It wasn't a circle jerk. They were racing.

    Being under a bridge makes this creepy beyond comprehension.

    I think that I am going to take a kerosene shower and down a bottle of formaldehyde.


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