Looners...no it is not a Canadian thing!

Balloon fetishists, or Looners, are people that are sexually stimulated by and/or have sex with balloons!!

Do You Have A Latex Balloon Fetish? Thousands of people do! Before the Internet existed, Balloon Buddies has been the number one place for adults who have an erotic fetish for
toy balloons to meet and share their common interest.

There are two types of looners: "Poppers" and "Non-Poppers." Poppers, during sex or at the conclusion of sex, like to inflate the balloon until it bursts or manually pop the balloon with whatever instrument the popper feels is appropriate–pins, stiletto heels, cigarettes, etc... Non-Poppers, like their balloons to remain inflated throughout whatever activities they engage in.

Old Lady snot with Chicken Wings

We love the chicken wings at the local bar/dive/hole in our sleepy little village. Every Thursday (we have actually cut back to every other) they have their 'wing night' with a sauce that makes you tingle with anticipated heart disease fulfillment. We do not over do it, but we get our fill. Usually on this day many other locals and whatcha- may- call- its gather here to talk crap, hang out and pig out with a few added brews on the side.

This Thursday was a bit off, as many people headed south for yet another spring break, so the place had a trickle of patrons coming in for their feed. We sat and enjoyed our wings and brew as slowly the place started to empty out more.

Two older ladies, regulars, that are usually mistaken for an older lesbian couple but are in fact sisters that save on expenses by living with each other. What they do alone is their business; they sit and start to gab with the female bartender.

Romantic monkey sex? Are you kidding me?

Once again checking the blog stats has brought the fear that people have just dove into some weirdness that they will not recover from...ever.

First here are the keywords...the words people type into the search bar, click search and then have pages upon pages of sites to choose from. They come here to us, looking for WHAT?!!!!

romantic monkey sex
fry sex
naked sunshine
poonm pande sexy
pussy positive

why? and wtf is really all I have to say.

Why are you still talking?

According to the Urban Dictionary: status psychology: When a person is too cheap to actually pay a psychologist for help and would rather put all their issues in their facebook status and hope that their cry for attention will solicit the advice of their friends who are no better equipped to help them than a three day old bowl of pudding.