Looners...no it is not a Canadian thing!

Balloon fetishists, or Looners, are people that are sexually stimulated by and/or have sex with balloons!!

Do You Have A Latex Balloon Fetish? Thousands of people do! Before the Internet existed, Balloon Buddies has been the number one place for adults who have an erotic fetish for
toy balloons to meet and share their common interest.

There are two types of looners: "Poppers" and "Non-Poppers." Poppers, during sex or at the conclusion of sex, like to inflate the balloon until it bursts or manually pop the balloon with whatever instrument the popper feels is appropriate–pins, stiletto heels, cigarettes, etc... Non-Poppers, like their balloons to remain inflated throughout whatever activities they engage in.

 Some poppers don't actually pop the balloon themselves but get off on the sound of the balloon exploding and/or the look on a partner's face when the balloon pops. Among poppers, there are those for whom the inflation and destruction of the balloon takes on a domination/submission context with many of the participants imagining themselves either dominant over a submissive partner

That is all I have to say about this, to each their own. Just make sure you warn people before going to a kids party with balloons present.....control yourself!


  1. This. Is. Brilliant.

    Odd, but brilliant, just because of sheer entertainment purposes.

    Now, the next time I'm with my girl, helping get her off with her favorite toy, I'm going to POP a balloon as she nears climax.

    ...I wonder what will happen? Sounds like a fun topic to blog about...

  2. Well gosh eh! I reckon I shall go get me some Canadian balloons eh.
    That way eh, I like got some 'Loony Balloonies'

  3. I learn something new every day. I had no idea that people were "into" balloons outside of that 99 yellow balloons song.

  4. I wouldn't mind tapping off a piece in a hot air balloon, but the rest of the rubber/latex thing does nothing for me. Now I do like to pop the bubble packing thing.

  5. Wow, it keeps getting better. Kind of reminds me of Absolutely Primed post about the guy who has sex with cars. Yes, you heard me right, (with) cars. We come in all shapes and sizes, don't we?


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