Old Lady snot with Chicken Wings

We love the chicken wings at the local bar/dive/hole in our sleepy little village. Every Thursday (we have actually cut back to every other) they have their 'wing night' with a sauce that makes you tingle with anticipated heart disease fulfillment. We do not over do it, but we get our fill. Usually on this day many other locals and whatcha- may- call- its gather here to talk crap, hang out and pig out with a few added brews on the side.

This Thursday was a bit off, as many people headed south for yet another spring break, so the place had a trickle of patrons coming in for their feed. We sat and enjoyed our wings and brew as slowly the place started to empty out more.

Two older ladies, regulars, that are usually mistaken for an older lesbian couple but are in fact sisters that save on expenses by living with each other. What they do alone is their business; they sit and start to gab with the female bartender.

This wonderful sauce I am slurping, sucking and licking from my hands and face is freakin' awesome until.....

This quiet bar has the older ladies, my husband, myself and the bartender. It is quiet in there  and you hear everything.

Old lady: "I have had this post nasal drip for days. It is driving me crazy. I can even taste it in the back of my throat."

As my self indulgent, quiet evening of relaxation and good food comes to a screaming halt. We ask for a box so we may cart the rest of the wings home. In our home we can lather ourselves with the sticky sauce and not have the pleasure of thinking of old lady snot.


  1. Now I am beyond hungry. I love me some wings.

  2. I love my wings, too. And if they are hot enough, they will burn away the post nasal drip after-taste. My wife hates them because she can't do spicy (except for me), so I will act like I wiped my lips and will lean over and kiss her. Pisses her off every time...but she loves her coffeykisses and dives into them before she thinks about the sauce.

  3. Just be glad you weren't behind them at a salad bar, I guess!


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