Romantic monkey sex? Are you kidding me?

Once again checking the blog stats has brought the fear that people have just dove into some weirdness that they will not recover from...ever.

First here are the keywords...the words people type into the search bar, click search and then have pages upon pages of sites to choose from. They come here to us, looking for WHAT?!!!!

romantic monkey sex
fry sex
naked sunshine
poonm pande sexy
pussy positive

why? and wtf is really all I have to say.
On the positive side we have some sexy funny and delightful people that refer this little blog to their visitors and those people actually come here...sorry about that, they were most likely looking for more sex...oh well.


  1. I know what you mean, I get some strange searches which bring up my blog as well.

  2. Hmmmm. blog stats. I have noted a lot of people having visited my unknown site based on a blog about 'horse manure' and one about a nursery rhyme about 'ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross'. They search for riding a horse's cock' or something like that. They visit my site for zero seconds. You do remember my shy and humble site?
    Oh yes, check the 'prick' on that guy....

  3. Thanks for the plug, but I asked mine to come here because y'all are awesome...for gurls.

  4. Jim Morrison said it best.....people are strange! I love that kinkiness behind closed doors! It makes life most unpredictable and exciting!

  5. Lol, I am thinking about doing a monthly top 10 list of the craziest google searches which led people to my site...and then doing commentary on each one.

    People google weird shit.


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