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Monday, April 11, 2011

Why are you still talking?

According to the Urban Dictionary: status psychology: When a person is too cheap to actually pay a psychologist for help and would rather put all their issues in their facebook status and hope that their cry for attention will solicit the advice of their friends who are no better equipped to help them than a three day old bowl of pudding.

I am starting to feel that it may be right. It is nice to catch up with those you have not heard from in years, it may be fun to find out some great news from people. It is a weird thing when you find yourself looking through peoples facebook status' and wondering "do I have nothing else to do?"


  1. You just described at least half of the people on my friends list.

  2. Ah yes, 'Farcebook', 'Fartbook'. 'Fakebook', everyone's favourite (or if you're American 'favorite') 'notworking' site, where my profile updates such as, 'I just farted' are vitally important info in the lives of my 'Facebook friends'.
    Gosh, I've just reconnected with an old high school buddy and we are thinking of meeting up and recall the good old days when we puked up chocolate doughnuts (donuts) in French class, just so we could get out of French class. Bet your day is complete reading my comment :)

  3. I'm pretty much over the whole facebook thing.

  4. I like Facebook. It's fun to read some of the shit that my peeps say. I flit some, too. However, since I am married, I don't date that much anymore. Just flirt.

    Oh! I stole you toon, too. Thanks!

  5. I have ignored SO MANY people because of this. Sheesh.

  6. This cartoon is funny. Coffeepot gave a shout out to you. I like your blog :0)

  7. Yeah, while you're at it maybe you should go find a big black bear and poke it with a stick! Face Book is the devil!! LOL!

    Coffeypot sent me too!

  8. Wow, folks are being sent by a 'Coffeepot'...how surreal is that?
    Milk, no sugar...thank you :)

  9. Lmao! You ever seen that Beavis and Butthead episode where the boys call one of those phone sex lines and the woman doing the phone sex talking was a fat, greasy, skank?

    Nothing against fat... and grease. I do realize this is Sex N FRIES.


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