6 Reasons to drink for more interesting sex

Interesting sex can be viewed as pretty much anything within the mind. The descriptive "interesting" really is up for interpretation.

Interesting...how you ask....

with a few or even with many drinks, sex becomes more uninhibited .

1. Louder: alcohol makes screaming and moaning louder, who cares if the neighbors hear, you will not remember in the morning. They will.....

2. Wetter: Orgasms are let loose, not held back, your body relaxes and goes with the flow.

3. Rougher: some bruises and marks cannot be explained in the morning, even if you walked into a tree you could blame the awesome sex for your injuries.

4.Blurrier: face recognition is not very important or a skill that is tuned in during sex.

5.Hotter: the ten pounds you want to lose don't really matter, the stretch marks and scars don't matter one bit, you are totally hot and getting some. (in your mind anyway)

6.Accepted: no matter what happens and with whom ever, you get to blame it on the drink!


  1. And the irony of how alcohol affects women making them horny and how it makes me unable to perform hilarious.

  2. Wow. Just...wow. I'm not sure I could sum it up any better, or add anything to it. heh

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that may or {may not} have experienced um, all, of these.

  3. And THIS is why most guy's #1 pickup line is "Can I buy you a drink?"

    Love this post, and can't agree more. I'm in a long term relationship, and the sex is always better when it's boozed up a bit.

  4. Huh-ho (Which is the exact noise I just let out), I'm with coffeypot 100%!!!

  5. If only more men had the sense to "pace themselves" with the alcohol whilst watching with no doubt eager anticipation as their partner's fire begins to light up, eh? ;)

  6. Sex....people still have sex?
    ...but I have to say, I nodded at Coffeypot's "Stone sex" comment.


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