13 Questions, I thought I would not ask during sex....

1. May I have some more wine?
2. Where are my clothes?
3. You want it where?
4. Is it stuck?
5. Can we put the dog out first?
6. You know that is attached, right?
7. Who told you 'eat it' was literal?
8. Could we do some more shots before we do that?
9. Do you realize that there is difference between licking and slobbering?
10. Did you hear me when I told you not to spank?
11. You read that, where?
12. Do I look like I am enjoying this?
13. Do you honestly believe I am able to bend that way?


  1. 14. Is it in yet?
    15. Did you cum or was that a back spasm?
    16. Who is (fill in the name)?

  2. Can you explain the circumstances around #4? My mind is going to so many awesome places right now...

  3. #14 Is your mom gonna pick you up?

    #15 Don't you just love Sunday School?

    and so many more...
    Great blog... +1 follower

  4. #16 How was your day at work?

    This list is great.


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