The battle with the little piggy!

It is cold, dark and the world seems a bit smaller with all this snow. Many animals will eat then sleep all winter. My body seems to have that instinct also. To comfort the winter blahs comes food. Lots of food, comfort food, warm you up food, keep you company food. Cravings that really have no cause to rear up but to cuddle me with food while the wind blows and the snow falls. As the days are shorter, my appetite jumps in to fill the void of daylight.

The pig out, being the little piggy with the fridge open, give me anything, I just want to eat.

We always gain weight during the winter months, with more food and less activity, and this is normal. This is what our bodies are used to, it is also why there are many gyms and fitness areas open and ready for you all year round.

It is human nature to change eating habits during the winter months. We can easily gain 10-12 pounds during this special season. Now that we know we are normal, we have to fight against it. Get your little piggy side to calm down.

1. Eat all day, pick at your food. Make large hearty dishes with left overs. Pick at nutritious meals all day allows you to stay full, satisfied and does not let your body go into the 'store this for later' mode. Keeps your metabolism running and working at full potential.

2.Don't feel guilty. No need to stress about using food for comfort and warmth, just be aware of it. Mindless eating means having no control of when, what and why --about the food going in your mouth.

3. You have the power to mix it up by stocking up on nutritious foods. Beans, canned tomatoes, freeze stews, cassaroles etc. Fall veggies, like squash etc.

4. Keep moving. This time of year is great for getting to know new people by participating in new fitness programs. Malls and schools also allow people to walk to keep active.

5. Fuel your body wisely with nutrient dense foods for winter activities. If you are shoveling, provide your body with proteins and carbohydrates. Remember that only whales and seals need to store blubber for warm even if you have the desire to keep warm with high fat foods.

Enjoy the winter and remember it does not last forever soon you will be cursing the bikini.

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