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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pleasure me, then make me fat!?

As we become surrounded by the convenience of high fat foods, taste enhanced processed products and advertisements that lead us like a herd to the feeding trough; we find incomparable pleasure in the foods we eat. Many a time people will defend this way of life, the life of ultimate convenience, but the evidence or even the enormous hint shows that maybe, just maybe....it is not good for us, as we are all started to look alike.

Call it what you want! The muffin-top, spare tire, life saver, beer belly or extra body fat, when you can enter a large store, look around and only see a very few people that actually look like the weight and shape that they should be, this could be the 'hint' that something may be amiss.

We all have different shapes, different structures and handle different situations differently. Get it? Different!
Overweight should not be the norm, it should be the exception. Regardless of the look of the muffin top, it is a huge signal of poor health, proof is the increase in health care needed. This puts us in lines at the Doctors office at an earlier age and that is where we stay until we get the 'hint'.

It may not be the need to add medications or supplements. It may not be the barrels of 'get thin quick' advice we seek. It may just be, we need to change our diets, not as a whole but as individuals. To each to care for ourselves as responsible people.

Will sum it as "I am just saying....." Get the hint!

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  1. Muffin-top is too nice a name for what a large percentage of Americans have nowadays. Its more like a lard explosion.


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