Dear Paula Deen, You couldn't see it comin'?

Maybe she was unaware, or even had a ton of excuses for 'why' butter and sugar were the must have ingredients. Maybe she only ate the food she entertained our 'fat' sides with, when she was on the air. It could have been the truth when she stated that she believed in moderation.

Multi millions just doesn't happen without the consumer buying the books, cookware and tuning in to find out what high fat, high sugar, billion calorie dish that southern belle had so devilishly presented to our senses. We the people, that the marketing pros call the perfect customer, bought into it all.

Now this gal in her 60's finds herself with diabetes, which was once called a 'disease of kings'. Does she turn to her loyal fans and help make sure they do not follow her evil fat soaked ways, NO...she puts her face on a drug. Just like many known diseases these days, take a pill for your ill.

So now the suspense! Does she keep cooking her recipes, the very same recipes that have made her soooo much money. Does she do her show with a disclaimer provided?

"This show, host and food may cause damage to your health"


  1. Honestly, it was meant to be.

    Wilford Brimley isn't going to be around much longer, and 'Diabeetus' needed a new celebrity spokesperson. Insert Paula Deen...

  2. I figure her personality can't carry her through this. I hope she does the smart thing and takes us on an adventure to smarter cooking.

    I stopped watching her a while back -- but even so, have always liked her.


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