The Do and Do not of Oral Sex

It is not like oral sex is new. It is not like we talk about it. It is not like there are tons of manuals, how to articles and advice on the subject itself......

Wait...never mind the last part.

Oral Typology.

None: people who refuse to have, discuss or even hint about any mouth-genital contact.

Reciprocating duty: Will perform oral sex in the deal maker of receiving oral sex. The rush job to get to the real pleasure of the evening. The 'I do you-you do me' rule of play.

Oral occupation: Oral sex is a job, a job that is well planned, well done and deserves rewards and awards. The get down to it, stay to enjoy it and then plan on returning really soon.


  1. To the ladies: Please don't make us beg. We always want it. Yes, sex is better, but not a permanent substitute.

    To the guys: Just do it. She'll thank you.

  2. I have no problems with oral - heck, I prefer it to regular. It's anal I want to pretend doesn't exist.

    In fact, if I actually had a sex life, I'd make it clear by having "EXIT ONLY" tattooed above my butt.

  3. I like it so much I cough up hair balls just like cats. And I have to gargle with Drano, too.

  4. Oral sex is bad for your teeth but it is still well worth it.

    As for the age old issue of swallow or spit, I don't really care if a woman swallows or spits (but I think women who gargle with it are just gross).


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