I talk to dead people

No, I am not a pychic or a medium, so you will have to talk to your own dead people
Since we are at the spilling our guts part of our mental breakdown I talk to my cat and dog too...

I have been at ease at times knowing that loved ones who have passed were still close. I have asked questions when troubled. If my personal reality, btw I do not see them as well, is that they are close to me and are happy and at peace. Do they know everything I do and say all the time or only when I am in that place where I feel connected to them. If I am to believe they are proud of me for something, is it safe to assume that I should also believe that I should be ashamed for some things that Dad or Grandma should not be aware of. ?????????????

We could just chalk it up as 'crazy ass moments' or maybe alone time is getting too long.

On the same crazy note of the day. Is it considered talking to myself as I type this on the blog? I am alone with these thoughts, I can hear them as I type. I do believe that at least one person will read it, do they believe I am talking to them as they can hear the words as they read.

So grab a drink and welcome to another crazy moment from Sexnfries and Thanks for all the funny people who have ' liked' our fan page today!!!! www.facebook.com/sexnfries

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  1. I do think we have spirits around us, but they not be the people we know. I can't imagine my parents caring enough to work up the ectoplasm to come see me.


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