Tuesdays Toast

Since I had nothing better to do and since I was wasting my time toolin' around the net. I decided to share what I found. There are an amazing amount of 'stuff' on the Internet. There is EVERYTHING on the Internet, some you can appreciate and other you just shake you head and wonder- WHY? First site I come across, is 'Have better Sex' Of course that is going to stop you in your clicking finger. It is a great site with so much information. Tasteful and tantalizing. Plain damn cool for those who love to learn more about sex or at least know what others know.

Before I go any further, at the whole time of wasting time I always go back and check my facebook page to see if we have more fans or not. This is actually new to me and it drives me insane. The page took off with only 13 losers and jumped up to 230 sexy minions in a week. Which makes you feel really good if you let yourself believe that they are there for you. No Name Dufus is an odd site with a calming clever niche of nothing. Reminds me of a seventies porn star that retired to write blogs. I like it and I like it a lot, I just have no clue why. Then by accident we come across Women who wine which apparently is a facebook page and a twitter that women post while drinking on. I think they get together at times somewhere....so if you wish to join a bunck of drunk women.... Karen Salmonsohn This gal helps you get happy while having fun so you don't have a chance to stay miserable. Put on your happy, get happy and laugh doing it so you don't dwell on the misery you leave behind, plus there is stuff to buy. Then there is Greg & Sheryl and that is where I leave you to discover on your own @greg69sheryl (dirty playful stuff)

So now that I have wasted your time and mine, it is time to really go do NOTHING and start to feel better.


  1. you can add me to one of your sexy minions..and the no named dufus is def a retired porn star..the pic of him brushing his teeth says it all

  2. How sweet of you to shout out to yoru fellow bloggers! Also? No Name Dufus rocks! I just call him Dufus, though.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. Hope you're having fun in Australia!


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