Sunday, August 12, 2012

Betty Rubble Naked? Seriously

Every so often my curiosity gets the best of me and I have to check the traffic sources of this blog. I know I will be in a state of appreciation to those appear on the referral sites list such as:
Referring URLs
The thing that totally rocks my world is that these sites above are some of my favorites, so I get all tingle all over when I know people come from there and sometimes quite literally.
But then.....
After the ego boost of yummy visitors...(they are in my mind anyway) I look at the search words people use to get to the blog.
Confusion sets in quickly as I can't even imagine what possesses people to type in these words into their search box and then click my link expecting to find........
Search Keywords
  • balloon sex 
  • betty rubble naked  
  • celebrate m9m ass tube   
  • chicas looners 
  • do rabbits have orgasms   
  • do women think of sex more than men   
  • husband looks at other men
I will take any visitors, will not apolagize for my content whether it is too dirty or not dirty enough.
I will not show Betty Rubble naked......that is just the thing that puts the perversion into something I watched as a child. My therapy is expensive enough. Does not matter how curious you are just leave her dress on. Somethings are better left alone.