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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Betty Rubble Naked? Seriously

Every so often my curiosity gets the best of me and I have to check the traffic sources of this blog. I know I will be in a state of appreciation to those appear on the referral sites list such as:
Referring URLs
The thing that totally rocks my world is that these sites above are some of my favorites, so I get all tingle all over when I know people come from there and sometimes quite literally.
But then.....
After the ego boost of yummy visitors...(they are in my mind anyway) I look at the search words people use to get to the blog.
Confusion sets in quickly as I can't even imagine what possesses people to type in these words into their search box and then click my link expecting to find........
Search Keywords
  • balloon sex 
  • betty rubble naked  
  • celebrate m9m ass tube   
  • chicas looners 
  • do rabbits have orgasms   
  • do women think of sex more than men   
  • husband looks at other men
I will take any visitors, will not apolagize for my content whether it is too dirty or not dirty enough.
I will not show Betty Rubble naked......that is just the thing that puts the perversion into something I watched as a child. My therapy is expensive enough. Does not matter how curious you are just leave her dress on. Somethings are better left alone.


  1. You get me all excited about seeing Betty Rubble naked and then you pull the carpet out from under my feet. (I think that is the right expression). I'm just glad it wasn't Fred.

  2. I've seen Betty naked and Barney socking it to her, too. Dude is hung...


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