If you are offended please move on!

The big reaction to 'other's reactions'.

Blogs, websites, facebook pages etc. People will share and post things, get a reaction that offends them when the comments are related to others being offended....ahhhhh.

The post was too offend someone, that is what reactions are and that is what you want when posting something, otherwise why bother. If you expect everyone to relate to your humor or views, tastes or opinions, you are setting yourself up for frustration.

An example is a facebook page: MY F*CKING ENTERTAINMENT!!!! Don't like it, don't click it!! You MUST read the about section prior to liking this page!

And I POST A LOT!!!!! If you don't want your newsfeed crammed with my vulgarities and pictures I suggest you hide me from your feed! Or unlike the page.

I find many pages with this on their about section. Does it not seem a bit in your face. Can you not just nicely point out that a person that does not enjoy dirty or vulgar language or posts should not like the page.

If you actually think that when you reach a count of thousands liking your page, you will not get the wacko that will poke you with their mean comments, you should have a page about kittens...but then again you would get someone who would come on and state they hate kittens or they eat them for breakfast.

The world is full of opinions from people who love to share them aka 'Facebook pages'

If you open the door you cannot expect only sane like-minded people to enter....plus you are on the internet, even 'normal' people are crazy on the net.


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