Having a Baby and Old?

Recently Halle Berry gave birth to a baby boy. She is 47 years of age, which is older than me. So I reflected on the question. How would I feel about having a baby at my age?

I do not have the desire or the situation posed to me, so I do not have to even think about it.

Now that is about aloof as you can get.

Halle Berry is looking really good, no one can really judge her for having a baby now, she most likely will look like the younger mothers when dropping the kid off at school. She will be over 50 when doing so.

Would you want to be 50 and dropping off your kids at school...and not college?


  1. Only if I could look as good as she does and have her money, too! Otherwise I satisfied with having 3 children in their 30's and a 15 year old grandson.

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