Thursday, January 23, 2014

How fast is fast food?

Drive up to the drive thru, grab your meal and go. Fast food is about convenience, but wait...they are about much more.

Fat should be about 10-30% of your diet. The good fat not the stuff that sticks to your arteries.
Sodium recommended dietary allowance is 1500mg/day sodium is many foods, in different amounts. The more sodium in your diet the more you risk high blood pressure, retain water....have a hard time losing weight.

A large fry at Burger King and a whopper with cheese gives you 1380 mg of sodium
It also provides 75g of fat, not the good stuff either. With 1260 Calories provided and a average diet should be 1800-2000 Calories per day.

Fast food is not that fast, it will stick around for awhile, stick to you like fat, like plaque in your arteries painting your system with a fine coat of unwanted toxic paint.

Maybe it is dramatic, but us sitting complaining of our health and weight seems to be soap opera. Even providing us with the continuous story line that keeps getting more complicated.

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  1. Don't care. I won't live forever anyway. I enjoy quality of life more than longevity and I will be 70 on my next birthday. And a great hamburger and fries is quality.


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