Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Budget

Normally the shower is the place that great ideas are born, but I had a revelation in the drug store the other day. As I ran numbers through my head to calculate my budget for groceries and wine for the month, I realized it would be the cheap wine on the shopping list this time.

Again, lady products had been forgotten as part of the budget and I realized that companies that create feminine hygiene products are
a) full of really unfortunate job descriptions; and b) making a killing! I'm sure that no one ever thinks about just how much a woman spends in her life time on the necessities of tampons and maxi pads, and where that money is going. And then it came to me, while everyone was trying to be the CEO of a car company or major fast food chain, imagine how much could be made as the leader of a popular feminine product company.

Of course, this would be something to pursue in the future when I no longer have to worry about budgeting expensive cotton balls into my wine money.

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  1. Most of my thinking and most of my brilliant ideas takes place when I am on the throne. It's funny how dropping a load expands the mind. As for the feminine stuff... to save money for wine, try stuffing paper towels up there. In fact, the more wine you drink the less you will care about the towels.


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