There are days when you just don't feel like reading or writing. Not that you don't want to but you really don't have that feeling. Somewhat like when your foot falls asleep, it doesn't work, it feels funny and you don't want to use it...its like that...no feeling, don't feel like it, not feeling it, not a freakin feel anywhere to be had.

So as this day just happens to be one of those non-feeling days, I end up writing anyway but keep in mind I Don'' Feel Like It!!!!!!

What is WTF?

WTF = What the F*ck
WTF = Where to F*ck
WTF= Warning to Freaks
WTF = Which Two Females?
WTF = Whiff those Farts
WTF = Want to Feel
WTF = With that Freak
WTF = When to Flip
WTF = Why that F*cker
WTF = Wussy Toe Fungus
WTF = Whine to Father
WTF = Wish To Fail
WTF = Way To Fred's,  WTFIF = Who The F*ck Is Fred?
WTF = When Time Flies
WTF = Why today failed


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