Best Ideas, Worst Places

Why is that the best thoughts come to you at the most inopportune times?

In the shower: The water is calming, like rain or a waterfall. The smell of fragrant soaps and shampoos calming the senses. Your mind opens up and the best idea flood in and swirl around. The brilliant, genius ideas that need to written down...the life changing and the little ones like 'we need garbage bags, need to add to list as soon as I am done'.

This can be hazardous when shaving and not paying full attention to detail. You could cut something...and women you know those knees are a bitch to get at, not to mention around the ankles.

In the Car - driving: There is always that great idea right down to the smallest detail that really should be written down. As soon as the car stops, it is like that awesome idea that would solve your problems blows out the window.

You should have all your wits about you when driving but on a long stretch on a nice day, the brain is activated and parts of it come to life. What the hell that part was doing before, no one knows.

On the toilet: Yes there is paper handy at least you better hope so. But not a pen and that tissue is a bitch to write on. The thoughts come rushing in, making form of beautiful inspirations and ideas that could possibly prove to be 'the one'. As you sit quietly and usually alone..I hope, it is a peaceful time to melt back into mind space and explore.

Just remember to snap out of it when the real job needs attention.

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