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Friday, April 15, 2016

I Might Be More Like Betty Rubble

It is always a great experience or moment in your life when you find out you are the outcast, the underdog the nerd, the one that is a bit different than the rest (polite version).

There comes a time, I think they refer to it as the 'ah ha' moment or in my case the 'oh no' moment. Am I square (the fact I use that term would solidify the answer as a 'yes')

Foul language is not used on my blog, in front of my mom or my children. When I comment online or post a picture or status, I use very tame words. How crazy is that? I have used some swear words with my parents and children but it is rare. I can swear like a trucker (no offense to truckers but it was all I had) but it is never attached to my online presence or my elders or people I wish to influence. Have I been a potty mouth in the past...yes.

No angel here, but when compared to many or most, I still consider certain words to be 'bad words' and when I use 'bad words' it reflects on the 'bad' side of me.

I know you are all thinking "get over it and come over to the f*cking dark side already." or "you are full of bullsh*t"

I do not claim to be a lady, but what if my Grandma read the things I posted? My teenagers swear more than I do, everyone does. I don't care (well my kids I do, but you people...no). Recently I just realized how often words are used everywhere without any care to it. Most have become expressions as if they are now words that resemble explanation marks or expression of what people are trying to say.

Not many people even notice, the dirtier the words the more feeling of what is being expressed is.

Are words even considered 'bad' or 'dirty' or 'swear' words any more or are they just used to get the message across with a 'in your face' attitude?

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