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Monday, April 18, 2016

It Is All Luck

Sitting to my left, an older gentleman starts pounding on his machine, actually bitch slapping it. Insisting it deliver the goods and round up the winnings he has sat for hours waiting for.

Playing the slots is an occasional indulgence and gets my husband and I out of the house. People-watching is just as entertaining as pushing the button and letting a machine take out gambling budget of $20.

Some do get mighty serious about the ritual and hocus pocus of the situation. Many people will touch the screen believing strongly that little bit of invited power of touch will result in bringing luck and fortune.

Are they insane?

When we wonder around and take in the sights a common view is one person using two slot machines at one time. How much money and how fast do you want to lose it?

If you chance to win some sick amount, they (the casino gods of greed) know you are hooked and will be back and back often. You will give the money back one way or another.

The absolutely crazy thing we discovered was that people will actually wear adult diapers so they do not have get up for any reason.

There is no doubt that people win at a casino but there is even more certainty that people will lose.

Keep us entertained while we win or lose....keep it coming!

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