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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Do I Look Like A Cave Man?

Diet trends will actually give me such anxiety. Now that I think about it, what doesn't?
The Cave Man Diet helped boost my weight loss, get me to eat more fruits and vegetables.
It also (Paleo) helped with bloat and my energy levels. Although a few cheats here and there, mostly containing alcohol, I have lost 9 pounds and have 11 more to go.

My goal is a bit crazy as it will put me at a weight I have not seen in some time. I just want a figure that does not reflect beer drinking, eating fat and couch potato behavior. I would rather encase myself in that behavior but age has started to sneak in hints that I might need to be a bit more responsible for my actions and choices. It happens to the best of us I do suppose.

After 35 days of slowly losing pounds and inches, I have found myself not wanting to eat meat, fruits or root vegetables. It is like my mind turned against this food like a spoiled little brat.

Do I change the diet up a bit or do I slap my inner self and continue on this slow cave man path?

Now I do realize there are other ways to lose weight but my hubby and I are not very good at staying on course for long. We travel quite often, enjoy a drink or many, love to experience foods from all over and find it a pain staking experience to get a work out in. Many excuses!

I do have to give us some credit as after this past year with all our stress we did get started and have stuck to it.

I would just like to go out for a burger or pizza and not fall into a pool of despair.

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