Do Men Worry About Such Things?

We have heard the jokes and puns about men worrying about baldness, somewhat like a women worrying about how big her butt looks in her new jeans.
Usually articles and advice on improving self confidence, awareness and image, point toward women.
Would the same advice benefit men in the same way?
Do they need their own pep talks that would differ from the womanly advice we receive?
What helps?
As many suggest, facing and talking about fears is a good start in managing or overcoming them. Some body-image difficulties affect more people than others, and some are fixed (penis size) while others can be altered or improved. Self-help anxiety and body-image books are a great start and help many people. A therapist can also help you work on these anxieties.
Do men and women have such different body image issues or do men hide it better than women?

Men's self confidence
If you do a search for healthy self image, many sites you will find are directed at women. Too improve your self confidence.
Are women more susceptible to damaging self image and esteem?
According to Self Image In Recovery the following is involved in creating a self image......
Your self-image is developed by how you assess the following factors:
* Physical appearance.
* Shape of your body.
* Accomplishments in academics.

* Achievement in athletics.
* Social skills.
* Value system.
* Skills, abilities and competencies.
* Relationship with family, relatives, siblings, peer group and others.
* Behavior in social and professional situations.
* Background and environment from which you came.
* Roles played in life at school, home, work and in the community.
* Jobs and job titles held.
* Goals, ambitions and aspirations for the future.
Well that just gets me thinking even more. The things listed above are not gender oriented. Why are women more affected by such things and have so many problems with self image?
Or do they in reality?
It could be that women are apt to buy the magazine and analyze their own self image more than men do, reflecting the abundance of information that is geared towards helping women feel better about themselves.
It now comes down to more questions and not a whole lot of answers, but I feel better about myself today just because I was able to come up with so many questions in the first place. Thinking gets my juices going.

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