The physical and mental health benefits of sexual intercourse

Hot, sexy, steamy, erotic, romantic...
are these the words you would use for your sex life?
Wet, sweaty, hard, exotic...
are these the words you would use for your sex life?
Dark, cozy, normal, over.....
are these the words that you would use for your sex life?
Oh the tales we could tell with just a few words. When looking into your own bedroom, are things always changing, exciting or have they become more of a habit, a ritual or a job?

Spice up your sex life
You may have heard this from yourself or from friends, that life has got in the way of sexual interactions... too busy, too tired, on the road a lot, stressed out, kids are always up, schedules don't match and maybe a hundred more.
Sex is a part of life, not an outside realm from it. Just like doing the dishes, watching TV, going to work and sex.
Just hopefully more sexy and naked than the other things you do.
If you are planning on starting a work out program. If you plan on spending more time with your spouse. If you plan on taking up a hobby to relieve stress. The answer is in front of you, don't just "make" time for sex.

schedule time for sex
Have sex, do sex, make sex, be sex etc. It is a part of human nature and it is healthy for you and good for you.

Don't put it on the back burner of life any more.
So here is the point of this sex talk from above.

Health benefits of sexual intercourse or activity:
  • Sex actually relieves headaches. A lovemaking session can release the tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain.
  • Sex can improve your cardiovascular health (love makes the heart stronger)
  • Sex can improve your sleep (not during though)
  • Sex provides the benefits of exercise. (better than the gym with stinky sweaty people, unless that is what you are into)
  • Sex is helpful in easing pain (stimulation and orgasm lead to the release of corticosteroids and endorphins that increase our pain thresholds, no more excuses then I guess)
  • Sex can improve mood and decrease depression. (always a happy ending)
  • Sex can relieve stress (reaching orgasm as the ultimate release)
So there is my little promotion on sex. It would be a really nice world if there was no sexual frustration. Well that is what I think, plus don't you think it is worth a shot to increase your health just by having more sex, what more can you ask for?

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