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I am Coming Out of a Closet

It is actually just my closet, that is crammed full of clothes that I semi like. My husband actually owns more of it than I do.

So this closet I speak of, is actually just me, being a me.
I realized that I needed something, I wanted something, I expected something.

MY universe to deliver!

The countless self help, self development, self confidence..books, webinars, free them, engage with them and opened myself up to; there was a big thing missing in all of it.

the SELF part.

You can read the words and feel the motivation and at the same time I recognized that I was not all in. I was in 'the box' or 'the deep hole'.
You can hear the words, search for them and feel the message that is like a bull horn.
BUT...when you have put yourself in that 'hole' or 'box' all it does is give you some hope but it does NOT give you a ROPE.

Your inner voice
It all keeps you going, even if your 'going' is just making it through a day.

BUT it is not the rope. That you have to make yourself.

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