This stuff (life) will make you crazy! ~from the crazy broad in the room.

Are you ready to release some Crazy?

Are you ready to get involved. We would love for you to join us. The CrazyAss Club has open discussions on books, TV, movies, podcasts. Well anything that entertains.

This winter has sucked and we all have had some time to spend reading, binge watching and enjoying some quality media time, while hibernating.

The CrazyAss Club is open and hope you will get a lot out of it.

Shop here for the first book we will be discussing this month.

You can join the club

CrazyAss Club
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BOOKS-MOVIES-TV SHOWS-PODCASTS-AUDIO-DOCUMENTARIES Each day we will discuss, recommend and review. Let us know what you are reading, watching or list...
Grab the book and go......

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