My Frame of Health Fitness Studio provides a private setting to learn about personal fitness and wellness. Located outside Waddington NY. Amber Ormsbee is a certified personal trainer for over 10 years. Specializing in - Read here

Programs include instruction for safe and productive workouts and are individually designed to provide results to personal fitness goals. Great for beginners and those looking to workout at home or gym with confidence. The fitness and nutrition programs are learning tools for all fitness levels and fitness goals. 

For sessions and information please contact me 

Personal Fitness Training Program

  • Personal designed workout plan.

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Workout instructions for individual exercises

  • Fitness testing and tracking

  • Questions and Answers for better understanding

  • Take home plan and worksheets.

  • Access to client only online resources and on going trainer support.

Time: 60 Minutes in Studio plus ongoing access

Cost: $65

For addition visits for updates and increasing fitness levels. 55 minutes - $40 (must be a returning client)


Basic Personal Training Session.

Workout for 50 minutes with motivation.

We do a full body workout designed for your personal fitness goals. This is just a workout session and use of gym. Workout with me! 

Cost: $35 per session