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4 Core Tips for Sexy Abs and Less Belly Fat.

Suck in your Gut! Belly Fat be Gone.

76% of our visitors would love to have a better looking gut, tummy, mid line, stomach…….(from a webpoll taken on Sexnfries 2015)

Tip One: Although muscles play an important role in looking slim around the middle, getting rid of that accumulated fat helps. Sounds obvious but sometimes core exercises can strengthen the core muscles and increase abdominal pronouncement but if they are covered by belly fat, who would know they were there. Be realistic with a fitness plan. It takes more than one thing to get your dream abs.

You can find tons of diets and exercises that target the abs and promise results. You may find yourself trying to eat more broccoli or doing crunches endlessly.

Tip Two: Core workouts are the best for working towards the sexy tummy you so desire. Eating healthy is a factor but overall health is the one key that will allow your abs to follow suit.

Don’t concentrate on one area especially your stomach parts, you will tire of it all quickly. Eating better for the rest of your life and working out so all your muscles help you burn fat all over, will amaze you on how your abs will turn and smile. Look at the big picture, whole body health works best.

Tip Three: As you notice, the tips here involve a total body exercise routine and healthier nutritional choices. Spot fixes don’t work. Belly fat is the hardest to get rid of but not impossible. It might be the last to disappear which can be very frustrating. Belly fat covers your sexy abs but also it did not get there overnight and now has been totally happy also protecting your major organs, even if that reason is unjust. Be patient and do not give up.

Tip Four: Being sexy all over takes some doing, even inside of your head. Don’t waste time on just your stomach but work for your goals, a sexy mind can be a powerful thing. Your body follows your mind; stress, depression, moods and giving up can hinder any fitness plan. 

Have a sexy mind have a sexy body.

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