Are you too busy or too sad?

We sometimes think that when we don’t hear from people, that they are busy. Their lives must be full of exciting and busy-like things, that they don’t have time to post on facebook or other social medias. Their lives are so full of wonderful things that keep them going every hour that they can’t make time for dinner parties, church gatherings and returning calls or texts.

We sometimes get that thought very wrong.

The people who stop their normal posting habits, could be having a hard time. Their minds cannot produce conversation. They might be locked at home doing nothing but feeling sad. They find it hard to participate in the busy life. The very busy life we think they have.

I have seen comments or complaints on social media, where people slam the drama, over-sharing, open ended vague posts.

The drama posts could be just a hint of a help statement. All it might mean is that “I feel sad and bad today” It all could be just, a need for a quick hug or support from their virtual world. This hug could help them get their flesh and blood hugs also.

Our social lives are so different than our private lives.

When I say private lives, I mean your alone time, just you and what goes on in your head.

Instead of our normal inspirational meme or quote, maybe we just ask ourselves and those around us. “How are you feeling?”

I have groups on Facebook that I am pretty good at posting on. Today I had to force myself to be present. To do my normal things, to even have normal thoughts. November is a horrible month for me and dealing with grief and PTSD, my mind will just snap back to 2016 like I have no choice or warning. I will cry erratically, like I was shot with a sob arrow from some nasty grief demon.

So, this is where this post comes from. I was actually thinking of a member of my group that was visible then disappeared, and my first thought was. "oh, she must be very busy." I always hope people are too busy and not just too sad.

Here are posts today, to prove to me that I am not too busy to share today and am I not too sad. Sometimes you just have to show up and be present whether you want to or not.

It is very hard for me to share shit, but I am going to do it.

There are lessons in life that you have to figure out. I have been through the class and the lessons, now it is time to figure out what the hell to do with all this genius information.

In the next little while I will be going full bare ass, forward authenticat.

#Authenticity #selfconfident #lifeexplorer

I am here! Until next naked mind moment......

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