DIY Infusions


Your infusion could take up to 2 weeks.

  1. First choose your spirit: Your base spirit will set the foundation for a good infusion.

Choose your flavors: Herbs, spices and fruits are most commonly used for infusions. Fruit is very popular. For best results, use fresh ingredients only.

The Beginning: Choose a clean, air-tight jar: quart sized mason jars work well. Using smaller jars will allow you to divide a liter of vodka into a few jars, giving you the ability to create small batches of a variety of flavors at once. Wash the ingredients, place them inside the jar and fill it with vodka. Shake a few times and cover tightly with a lid.

Infusion Time: You will want to store your infusion in a cool, dark place and shake it 3-5 times a day for the duration of the infusion. On average the ingredients should stay in the liquor for 3-5 days. Some of your more intense flavors will only need 3 days, less intense flavors should stay in the jar for a full week or more. You will want to do a taste test every few days to see if the flavors are sufficient.

The Finish: Use a fine strainer or paper coffee filter to strain the vodka into another clean jar or bowl. You can return it to it’s original jar if you would like, cleaning the jar thoroughly first. Store the finished infusion as you would any other liquor of it’s type.

Fun Suggestions

Berries: wash and leave whole, but score the skins on harder berries

Pineapple, Mango and similar fruit: wash and cut into chunks

Strawberries and Citrus fruit: wash and slice thinly or use zests of lemons and oranges

Vanilla Beans: wash and cut lengthwise

Herbs: wash and use whole (stems and all)

Peppers: wash and leave whole or cut in half

#cocktails #liquor #drinks

#Cocktails #Drinks #Liquor

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