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    Do it! Even if it makes you barf.

    Does this make you feel better?

    Everyone is nervous their first time?
    Just jump in and do it.
    Why is it such a big deal? Many people do it.

    Nothing and I mean NOTHING! Makes me feel better and helps me find the bravery I need. When I fear something, have anxiety, want to unexist like a crazy invisible person, I find no comfort in motivating, supportive words.


    This is just something I have convinced myself of. Made it a habit to be afraid, make up crazy 'what if's'. It might all be a lie and all that annoying inspirational crap might have a point to it.

    Let's Get Naked Podcast is born, first episode has been publish and I seriously want to barf.

    Yes I said it! This is freakin' terrifying and exciting and I want to repeat "What the hell am I doing?" over and over.


    It is done! I can do this! No matter what, I am going to do it scared, unless I have to poop.

    #fear #justdoit #scared #youcan #anxiety #holyfuck