Even the mighty fall some day

On a cold autumn day, I walked alone along the country road. The air, the distance and the peace I absorbed allowing myself to take advantage of being me. For moments, I had nothing to do but walk out in the country air.

I came across a hawk; laying along side the road with an apparent broken neck. I choked back my disbelief. I did not expect to react as I did. My simple life had come face to face with the mighty and the mighty had fallen.

In disbelief, I came face to face with the parallels in my life and all the space that surrounded me. This was reality, the hard stuff.

Even the mighty fall, there is no power that can take on fate and situation.

It is what it is and this is where it all ends up.

He lay there dead.

He lay there weak

He lay there alone

The universe from which he came and the universe in which he flew over did not matter anymore. It made no difference how he reigned or how he stood proud. In the end, he was like any other…dead and gone.

A cold chill flowed like an ocean through my entire body. This was it, the true essence of life. Nothing matters in the end, we meet at the cross roads on even ground with the same fate. We all meet up somewhere.

It wasn’t just death that threw me into a spin, it was standing there realizing “the mighty fall” Once strong and happy, can end up weak and scared. Once on top, can end up on the bottom. It is not as if I did not know this, of my surroundings and of the world situations. It is not as I was not aware of the homeless, poverty stricken, the ill, and the disasters that come.

Being faced with such, a small part of the fallen mighty and powerful, takes you to bounds and flowing feelings of the natural process we call life.

Just like the hawk whether it be death, poverty, addiction, sorrow and pain, the mighty fall, some slowly and some quickly.

We all fall.

Gathering my thoughts, I continued to walk. I looked up and there was a hawk, in all its glory, beautiful and powerful.

I wished him well.

#LifeHappens #Thoughts

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