Give Your Bra a Break: Enhance Your Cleavage.

Enhance your cleavage with working on your chest exercises.

Chest muscles and cleavage, yes they are related. Although breasts are not muscle, the chest is full of them.

Think of a man’s chest and how it looks when toned and looking strong. Well put some boobs on it and you have healthy, perky cleavage.

Chest and back and then back again.

Chest muscles help the back, so tight chest muscles will equal back problems. If the chest muscles are too tight they will round the back leaving it feeling the stress from the day. Balancing chest and back muscles, so neither is weaker or tighter than the other will make a huge difference.

Secret moves to increase the power of your pecs.

Okay fine, they are not so secret, but are worth it. It beats pushing heavy furniture everyday.

Bench presses and push ups.

Women don’t think of their pecs!

I thought push ups sucked and they hurt my wrists. I do 10 -15 per workout now and feel strong, but I use this to help.

Look great and be strong!

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