Hot Dreamy Sauce with Chicken

This can be modified to turn up the heat even more or too cut back on fat. This can be used for anything…it is that good. We made a salad with it and it was just too good.

2 Chicken breasts (I had them precooked and waiting in fridge – made it convenient to make a quick lunch)

1/4 cup of cheez wiz or any cheese product or the real thing

1 cup of sour cream – you can use light or low fat or no fat plain yogurt.

1 cup chicken broth

1tbsp worcestershire sauce

1/2 cup of Frank’s Hot Sauce – more or less based on taste, also add a dash of cayenne pepper if you wish.

1 tsp smoked paprika

Put all in all in sauce pan except chicken. whisk on med heat until well blended. Turn to low and add cooked diced chicken. Stir occasionally and let sit on low heat for 15 min.

Ideas: Serve over lettuce with avocados for a great salad OR serve over: pasta, put in a wrap, over rice. Use chicken wings instead of breasts, put in a roll for a great sandwich. Add burger instead.

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