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How Old am !?! Episode 16

As I gaze into the mirror, I can't help but wonder how time has flown by so quickly. Despite my physical appearance indicating that I am no longer in my twenties or thirties, I still feel like a youthful individual deep down.

It's common for many individuals in their later years to not feel any different from their past selves. However, there are moments that serve as a reminder that time has indeed passed and we have aged.

For instance, when young women express their admiration for your confidence in sitting alone at a bar, it's a realization that you are no longer viewed as the young adult you once were. Similarly, when a doctor recommends vaccines for people over fifty, it's a clear indication that our bodies have aged and require additional care.

Despite these reminders, it's important to embrace the journey of aging and cherish the experiences and wisdom that come with it.

The hairstyles you found as samples for the hairdresser to cut and style my hair are commented on as old lady styles.

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