I Can’t Hear You!

The beat bangs through my body and I am dancing to every rhythmic pulse.

I might call you later when I have finished drowning out the world,

maybe when I return to the reality that has sent me here.

I believe you might have to wait for a little while, either pull up a chair or join me in the surround sound that has taken over my body.

I will not be looking your way, as I twirl and twist.

Don’t expect any response until I have emptied my mind of the heavy weights that have worn me out.

I am here to release some stress the best way I know how.

Don’t let me stay here too long, but just for now let me dance to this music.

I have heard and felt this song many, many times, it has a place in my history, not sure what section it holds in place.

I will dance until my muscles let me know it is time to settle back to other side of the mirror. Taken through to the other side where all is calm I am ignoring any signs that it might be time to go.

I will not be listening to any of your woes right now, none of your concerns and please do not throw any advice my way.

My feet, hips, butt, shoulders are well into the party mood by now.

I know you have some concerns, but really, my only concern right now is that you would benefit from doing the same.

I believe I would feel better if you expelled your burdens now with me, I do not want you to send me back here as soon as I am finished.

I realize you think I have lost my mind as I use my body to express the feelings of the music inside me, but I do not care.

I am taking my mind, body and spirit to a new place less travelled; everyone needs a vacation once in a while.

I am not looking at you,

I cannot hear you,

but don’t worry I will return.

#Metime #selfdevelopment #stress

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